A b o u t

After college design course, in the 70's, the world of advertising attracted me and for 7 years the London Ad Agency world was my first exposure to the profession of image creation. 
Before the days of digital and Photoshop, all images were manually retouched in studios, by the craftsmen of their day.

Due to my other current career as Director of a desserts producer, Sweet Karma, I have been building up a library of images and creating a portfolio which has been the basis of launching the range into the foodservice market and all new marketing directions.

Please take a look at my gallery, I have been creating images in food establishments including London hotels, Indian fine dining, food halls,  restaurants and the dessert world.

I look forward to discussing with you and really understanding your own aspirations before committing to the requirements of a photographic brief.

                                                      JON HANDLEY      Dec. 2016